Why Choose Bruin?

You are embarking on a big project and you want to make sure you choose the right contractor to work with you. You want to find a contractor that is experienced, provides quality products at competitive prices and will be resource for you for years to come.

Bruin hires only experienced installers
Whether you are replacing your windows, adding a sunroom or improving your home’s insulation, Bruin has, on staff, skilled installers. We probably have the most stringent hiring practices in MetroWest and the results speak for themselves. Our customers always comment on just how skilled and professional the Bruin team is.

Bruin installs with only our own employees
We’ve been in business for over 30 years for a reason. We only install with our own employees. By installing with only our own employees we know the quality of work that will be performed and we know you will be pleased with this work. We do not sub-contract and we never will. Our reputation depends on it.

Bruin will be here to service all work and product guarantees
Our commitment to our business is real. We have been in “the business" for years and are a strong, owner-operated business that will continue to be in business. This should give you peace of mind that if in the years to come there is ever a problem with any Bruin installation – product or service – we’ll be here to service all work and product guarantees.

Customers love Bruin
Customers do not lie. We will be happy to give you a referral for any type of work you choose to undertake. Ask our customers about their experiences with Bruin and they will tell you first hand.

We offer competitive, realistic pricing
Having a great number of manufacturing partners allows Bruin to offer a full range of products for your project. This also means we can price out different options, from different manufacturers so you can choose the pricing that is right for you.

We're serious about regulations
In 2010, the EPA instituted the Renovate, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule that professional contractors take measures to contain possible lead contamination in homes built prior to 1978.  Bruin Corporation takes the health and welfare of our customers seriously and we put every employee through the training session so that when we come to your home, you can be assured that we will do what’s needed the right way the first time. Lead containment may be needed on windows, doors, insulation and siding if we strip the home of an old wood siding.

Bruin Partners
Bruin has strong partnerships with local and national manufacturers. Together, we can offer you a full range of products at a full range of price points providing you with more choices.

We are happy to help you
Contact us today and let us know how we can help you with your home improvement project.

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Since 1981 homeowners have relied on Bruin Corporation’s expertise and experience updating their most valuable assets – their homes

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