New Construction Windows

New construction windows are chosen by many homeowners for a variety of reasons. You may need to repair or replace rotted sills, you have a particular style of home or, you desire to change the windowed area of your home.

Are new construction windows right for your home?

New construction windows vary from replacement windows primarily by the way in which they are installed. A new construction window means that your existing window is removed and, the existing window frame and the interior and exterior trims are also removed. A new window is then framed, installed and, interior and exterior trim added. Replacing your windows with the “new construction” installation choice is often also referred to as a “full-frame replacement”.

New construction windows come in a variety of finish choices including wood, vinyl, and Bettergrain Premium Woodgrain. Bruin can help you choose the right new construction window for your home – from the type of finish choice to the screens, grids and hardware. In our showroom we have many different windows on display so you can see the many window options yourself.

New Construction Window Pros
New Construction Window Cons

No loss of glass area

More expensive than new replacement windows

Integrated look for your home

Longer installation process

Completely customizable choices

Depending on your choices, you may need to paint interior and/or exterior trim

Learn more about the difference between new construction windows and new replacement windows.

Windows can set the tone for any room in the house - from casual and comfortable to elegant and refined.

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