Replacement Windows

What is a replacement window?

When installers or home improvement companies refer to a replacement window, they are commonly referring to the process by which an existing window is “popped-out" with its original window frame left intact. A new replacement window is then installed inside the existing frame. New replacement windows come with as many options as new construction windows. New replacement windows can be vinyl or wood or a Bettergrain Premium Woodgrain finish window which is a vinyl window on the exterior and a wood window appearance on the interior.

Vinyl replacement windows – a popular choice

Today, many New England homeowners choose new vinyl replacement windows. New vinyl replacement windows can have a lower cost of installation and, they require less maintenance than wood windows. Advances in vinyl manufacturing in recent years have improved the overall appearance of vinyl windows and they look great.

Bettergrain Premium Woodgrain Finish Windows – A vinyl window with an interior wood grain appearance

Bettergrain Premium Woodgrain Finish windows are growing in popularity. Bettergrain is a revolutionary dual-process painted wood grain finish that mimics the qualities of natural wood better than veneers, laminates, foils and other alternatives. Bettergrain, is offered by Bruin’s Partner Harvey Building Products on select Harvey vinyl windows and is available in three popular finishes. Come by Bruin’s showroom to see just how attractive and affordable a Bettergrain window can be.

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Replacement windows – are they the right choice for you?

Bruin offers replacement windows from several local and national manufacturers that we have been working with for years. Replacement windows come in a variety of finish choices (wood, vinyl, Bettergrain Premium Woodgrain) and replacement windows come with many customizable options. We know that we can help you find the right replacement window for your home – it is just a matter of making a few choices.

Replacement Windows Pros
Replacement Windows Cons

Less expensive than new construction windows

Wider frame means some glass area will be lost

Can be installed more quickly than new construction windows

Won’t solve any issues you might have with existing damaged frames

Existing window trim is left intact


Learn more about the difference between new replacement windows and new construction windows.

Replacement windows can be wood or vinyl. Choose the number and style of grids and colors!

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