Siding FAQ's

Why should my home be vinyl sided instead of painted?

What is involved in siding a home?

Why choose Bruin for my vinyl siding?

Is Bruin VSI Certified?

What companies do you represent?

Is my home going to look like it was vinyl sided?

Is it expensive to install vinyl siding?

How long does it take to install vinyl siding?

What’s the better choice for my home? Vinyl siding or Insulated siding?

How does the look of vinyl siding compare to the look of vinyl cement?

Which siding is more expensive?

Does my house need to be stripped of its existing siding to install fiber cement?

What lasts longer—Vinyl Siding or Fiber Cement?

What is more environmentally friendly? Vinyl Siding or Fiber Cement?

Will I need to replace my gutters if I have vinyl siding or fiber cement siding installed?

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